Save Money

Save money with the right home insulation solution for you

Worker spraying cellulose insulation in attic.

Houses releasing chimney smoke with money signsAccording to Manitoba Hydro, 13% of Manitoba’s annual energy use goes to heat our homes. Heating a home, particularly an older, drafty, larger home, can be expensive. Costs for energy can be several hundreds of dollars each month in the winter. When the attic, exterior walls, and basement of an older house are insulated to modern standards as recommended by Manitoba Hydro, energy costs can easily be cut in half, and often to one fourth of the previous costs. In most cases, the payback is anywhere from 3-10 years through reduced heating bills.

We should note that for houses built before 1930, if the exterior walls are empty, considerable cost savings are incurred by dense-packing cellulose into the walls. This is a relatively efficient and cost-effective home insulation process. However, homes built after WW II usually have some form of mineral wool or fiberglass batting in the walls. With our present techniques, we cannot cost-effectively upgrade the insulation in such homes. If you are unsure of what is in your walls, our consultant will be able to determine if you are a candidate for an exterior wall insulation upgrade.