Rebates and Loans

Roofer working on the side of a home.


The Manitoba Hydro rebates can appear complicated, but we are here to help clarify it all for you. For starters, your rebate amount will depend on the square footage being insulated and the amount of insulation being added to bring the house up to Manitoba Hydro’s standards. Most of your questions may be answered through using Manitoba Hydro’s online rebate calculator, but please contact us if you would like further clarification.

Above All Insulation is recognized as a contractor in good standing by Manitoba Hydro, and as such, cooperates with Hydro in the granting of Power Smart Rebates for work that improves the overall energy efficiency of a house. Rebates for upgrading insulation in the attic, exterior walls, or basement/crawl space walls are offered.

As part of the inspection process, we will be able to determine if your house qualifies for a rebate, and if so, calculate the amount you can expect to receive. The paperwork could be confusing, but we are here to help. We will fill out the application forms with you, and submit the application on your behalf. The rebate must be approved before the insulation upgrade is performed. The rebate will be issued to you by Manitoba Hydro some 6 weeks after the work is completed, and can come to you either as a cheque in the mail or as a credit to your Hydro account. It pays to insulate!


Manitoba Hydro offers two types of loan programs to homeowners:

  1. the Power Smart Residential Loan
  2. the Power Smart PAYS (Pay As You Save) Financing. The Residential Loan is currently offered at 4.8% for up to 5 years and can be written for a maximum of $7,500. The PAYS Financing is offered at 3.9% for the first 5 years and is based on the amount of energy savings that can be expected over 25 years.

Your Above All Insulation estimator can write up both types of loans for insulation upgrades to attics, exterior walls, and basements.

More information about these loans is available at the Manitoba Hydro web sites: Power Smart Loans & Power Smart PAYS Financing