Advantages of Basement Insulation

Many people don’t realize it, but insulating a basement can reduce heating and cooling bills. The keys to effectively insulating the below grade sections of the house hinge upon moisture control. The best way to insulate the walls, in terms of heat retention and moisture control, is to install the insulation on the exterior of the wall. Preferred materials are extruded polystyrene or rigid fibreglass. The best time to install the system is when the house is being built, because retrofitting the insulation can mean costly excavation and possible damage to the landscaping.

Insulation can also be placed on the interior of the basement wall, either affixed directly to the wall, or contained within an inner framework. The advantages of interior work are cost and ease of installation, but moisture movement can be a major drawback. Never insulate a basement with existing moisture problems until the water problems have been dealt with.

Before you go tearing up your yard, it will pay for you to consult a professional, someone who can explain what needs to be done and is familiar with the behavior of air and moisture. Above All Projects have the professionals who can handle all your insulating requirements, from the initial assessments all the way through the entire project, from new construction to retrofitting existing structures.

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