Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program

Interested in Free Insulation?

Above All Insulation is now a contractor with Manitoba Hydro’s Affordable Energy program.

As a pre-selected contractor, we can be chosen to upgrade your home to achieve Power Smart insulation standards.

The Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program allows home owners with limited incomes to upgrade the insulation in their home to lower their monthly costs.

How The Program Works


Contact Above All Insulation and we will guide you smoothly through the process of investing in your home and increasing it’s insulation, comfort, and energy efficiency. You can click on this link to fill out the form and we will contact you to help with the process.

The Affordable Energy Program makes it easy to save energy, improve the comfort of your home, and save money.

This program can help if you are:

  • A home owner with a limited income and think energy efficient upgrades for your home are too costly or hard to do.
  • A home renter with a limited income, we can work with your landlord to have energy efficient upgrades done to the house you live in.
  • A landlord interested in energy efficient upgrades which can increase the value of your property and reduce the energy consumption of your tenants.

To qualify for the Affordable Energy Program, homeowners / home renters must:

  • Live in single detached, semi-detached (includes houses, townhouses, row houses, multiple houses), or mobile homes on permanent foundations;
  • Live there on a year-round basis;
  • Have a total household income (before deductions) that falls within household size in the chart below:

Apply: Affordable Energy Program

Make a smart investment by upgrading your homes insulation and reducing your monthly energy expenses by accessing the Manitoba Hydro Affordable Energy Program.To apply for this program (or to determine your eligibility), please follow the link below.

You will need to fill out the application form and provide Manitoba Hydro with supporting documentation of income.



After Qualifying, An energy advisor will come to your home or rental property to review the energy efficiency of the home and explain how the program works.

Based on the results of the energy efficiency review, qualifying homeowners and landlords may receive FREE insulation for AtticsBasementsCrawlspaces, and/or Walls!