Effective Insulation Systems

If your home isn’t properly insulated, then Manitoba’s winter winds can simultaneously suck the heat from your building and the money from your wallet. In the summer you will roast even though your air-conditioning is working overtime. The best way to combat these problems is through the professional installation of an effective insulation system. At Above All Projects we are experts in all aspects of insulation, and can install a system that will address all of the five critical elements that an effective system must have.

Controlling the movement of heat and moisture involves the following items.

  1. Air Barrier – Prevents the movement of interior or exterior air through the system.
  2. Cavities Filled – No gaps in insulation or compression of the insulation.
  3. Selecting the Right Insulation — Each application requires the selection of the appropriate insulation (cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool, polyurethane spray foam) in order to achieve the best insulation value per inch (R-value or RSI-value), draft and vapour resistance, mould resistance, vermin resistance, and general performance.
  4. Vapour Retarder – Prevents movement of moisture and reduces condensation and ice build-up in winter.
  5. Drying Potential – This is the capability of the entire assembly as it pertains to the release of any moisture that does get into the system through proper ventilation.

At Above All we can take care of all of your insulating needs, as well as any renovation projects you might have in mind. Remember, “our company’s success is measured by your satisfaction”. Give us a call today, at 204-999-4674, and one of our professional representatives will be able to assist you.