Eliminate Frost and Moisture

How do I know if I have frost and moisture in my attic?

This is a common problem in our province, and the Above All Insulation pros have a lot of experience with this diagnosis. In the summer, we’ll find dark water stains on the wood, and sometimes even mould will appear. During the cold winter months, you could pop your head into the attic and be enveloped by a winter wonderland, complete with frost and snow, inside your very own home. Not a pleasant sight!

What causes frost and moisture in my attic?

When warm moist air from your home leaks into the cold unheated attic, we’ve got a problem. That warm, moist air eventually cools and condenses on your rafters and underside of the roof.

The two main causes of ice dams are weather conditions through the winter months (thaw and freeze) and inadequate attic insulation.

How do I eliminate frost and moisture problems?

You know it! A top-notch vapour barrier, expertly installed insulation, and appropriate ventilation should solve your frost and moisture problem once and for all.

Who cares?

This is one problem you want to stop in its tracks. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a big deal in winter, when everything is frozen. But when the spring thaw happens outside, it will occur in your attic, too. That could create water damage, mould and mildew, even the deterioration of your home’s structure.