Explaining Fibreglass Insulation For Your Winnipeg Home

In the harsh climate of Winnipeg, keeping your home comfortable year-round can be a challenging task. Winters are bitterly cold, and summers scorching hot. One of key solution to combatting these extreme temperature fluctuations is having effective insulation. That is where we come in! Fibreglass insulation has gained popularity among Winnipeg homeowners due to its exceptional thermal properties and energy efficiency. Let’s to delve into the world of fibreglass insulation, explaining how it’s made, it’s environmental advantages and also review it’s energy efficiency benefits so you can make an informed decision when choosing to get new insulation for your home.

How Fibreglass Insulation is Made

Fibreglass insulation is crafted from a combination of sand and recycled glass. The process involves several steps:

  • Melting: The first step is to melt the raw materials, which are primarily silica sand and recycled glass, at extremely high temperatures. This forms a molten glass mixture.
  • Spinning: The molten glass is then forced through fine spinnerets, creating long, thin strands. As these strands cool and solidify, they become the fine fibres that make up fibreglass insulation.
  • Binding: To ensure the fibres stay together and form a cohesive batt or blanket, a binding agent is applied. This binding agent is usually a type of resin.
  • Cutting and Rolling: Once the fibres are bound together, they are cut into specific lengths and rolled into batts or blankets, which are the common forms of fibreglass insulation used in residential applications.

Top Advantages of Fibreglass Insulation

Superior Thermal Resistance

One of the standout features of fibreglass is its superior thermal resistance. It excels in maintaining consistent indoor temperatures, which is particularly crucial in Winnipeg’s climate. During the winter, it prevents heat loss, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy. Conversely, in the summer, it keeps your home cool by blocking heat infiltration, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable environment year-round.


Winnipeg homeowners often appreciate the cost-effectiveness of fibreglass insulation. It offers excellent value for your insulation investment, providing a high level of thermal performance without straining your budget. This makes it an attractive choice for those looking to make their homes more energy-efficient without incurring substantial upfront costs.

Environmentally Friendly

For eco-conscious homeowners, fibreglass insulation is a responsible choice. It’s made from recyclable materials and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals into your home’s environment. Choosing fibreglass insulation not only benefits your comfort and energy bills but also contributes to a greener planet.

Why Fibreglass Insulation Works So Well

Fibreglass insulation’s effectiveness can be attributed to its structure and properties:

  • Thermal Resistance: The trapped air pockets between the tiny glass fibres provide exceptional thermal resistance, preventing the transfer of heat. This is crucial for maintaining a stable indoor temperature in Winnipeg’s extreme climate.
  • Non-Combustibility: It is non-combustible, meaning it doesn’t support the spread of flames. This is an important safety feature, especially in regions prone to cold winters.
  • Sound Absorption: In addition to thermal insulation, fibreglass also acts as a sound barrier. It can help reduce noise from outside, creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.
  • Durability: It’s known for its longevity. It doesn’t deteriorate or settle over time, ensuring its effectiveness remains consistent throughout the years.
  • Ease of Installation: It’s relatively easy to install in various areas of your home, making it a versatile option for attics, walls, and ceilings.

Above All’s Fibreglass Installation Process


Before embarking on the installation process, a crucial step involves assessing your home’s insulation requirements. At Above All’s we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the ideal type and amount of insulation needed for your home. This customized approach ensures that your home receives the most effective insulation solution.


During the installation phase, fibreglass insulation is carefully and strategically placed throughout your home’s walls, ceilings, and attics. Our skilled crew’s follow industry best practices to create a thermal barrier that effectively traps heat in the winter and keeps it out during the summer. The precision in installation is paramount to achieving optimal results.

Post-Installation Inspection

Above All goes the extra mile to ensure that their insulation services meet the highest standards. After installation, a comprehensive inspection is conducted to verify the effectiveness of the insulation. This quality control step guarantees that your investment in fibreglass insulation delivers the desired comfort and energy savings.

We hope you are more informed about fibreglass insulation than you where before you read this post. Because it’s manufacturing process harnesses recycled materials, fibreglass insulation is a sustainable choice for homeowners in Winnipeg looking to improve their home’s energy efficiency and comfort while reducing their environmental impact. By now you can understand why fibreglass insulation offers a winning combination of exceptional thermal performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility, all-in-one insulation solution!

Contact us today to get a free insulation quote before our Winnipeg winter is upon us!