Know When Your Eavestroughs Are Not Working

When Eavestrough’s are working correctly they will collect water running off the slope of your roof and direct it to the ground and away from the building via your downspouts. This keeps the water away from the structure of your home, and prevents it from pooling around your foundation. Protection from rainwater is essential to the preservation of your home, especially in the harsh climate we experience here in Winnipeg, when quick freezing can cause water that’s seeped into porous materials to expand and cause damage.

The best time to check the function of your eavestroughs is during a rainfall. Any of the following conditions is a symptom of a system that isn’t working, and warrants further investigation:

1) Overflowing Eavestroughs
If your eavestroughs overflow, water isn’t being directed safely away from the building. The most likely cause is a blocked downspout, usually from debris from trees, etc.

2) Standing water after a rain
If water remains in the eavestroughs after a rainfall, there is something wrong with them. Likely they don’t slope to the downspouts correctly, and will need to be reinstalled or replaced.

3) Leaking
If water is leaking from the eavestroughs themselves, they’ve likely decayed as a result of debris remaining trapped in the bottom of the trough, leading to corrosion. In some instances, repairs can be made, but most often the best solution is replacement.
If water is leaking down behind the eavestroughs, they’ve come away from the eaves, and will need to be re-affixed.

4) Icicle build-up
Icicles are caused by leaks, and because the water freezes, even small leaks become very apparent. Unfortunately, the weight of accumulated ice will make the problem worse very quickly.

If you detect problems with your eavestroughs, you need professional help. Contact Winnipeg’s experts in roofing, eavestroughs, soffits, and fascia. Above All Renovations has years of experience in protecting homes like yours from the ravages of rainfall.

Quality products and professional installation will ensure that your eavestrough will provide you with years of trouble-free service. For more information, and a free estimate, please contact one of our advisors.