Lower your monthly heating and cooling bills

Adding polyurethane spray foam insulation to your home’s exterior walls and attic can be a great way to lower your monthly heating and cooling bills, and if you became eligible for a rebate for the upgrade, well that might be considered icing on the cake.

That’s exactly what could happen if you’re a customer of Manitoba Hydro and your home and project meet certain eligibility requirements.
How can you qualify? Here are a few prerequisites that must be met:

· You must be the homeowner.
· The house has to have a current Manitoba Hydro account.
· The structure can be detached, semi-detached, or a mobile home, but it must have a permanent foundation and water supply.
· The home must a primary residence – either for you or your tenant.
· The added insulation must be new and purchased in Canada.
· At least 100 square feet of new insulation must be installed.

There are a few other eligibility requirements, so be sure to check with Manitoba Hydro to ensure your project meets all their qualifications for the rebate prior to starting.
How much is the rebate? Well, it can vary, but in most cases it’s determined by how much the area’s R-value is being increased and the amount of square footage involved in the upgrade. The formula for exterior walls is the total square footage being insulated multiplied by the added R-value x .04 cents.

That means that if you currently have R-13 batt insulation in your home’s walls which total 1000 sq.ft of area and installing polyurethane spray foam allows you to increase their energy to R-19, you would multiply the added R-value of 6 by 1000 and then .04. The end result: $240 in your pocket or added as a credit to your Manitoba Hydro account.

Attics, foundations, and exterior walls also receiving new siding have different formulas for figuring the rebate, but if you meet the eligibility requirements, they can all reward you for making your home more energy efficient.