Now’s the Time – Take Advantage of Manitoba Hydro’s Insulation Rebate

Manitoba Rebates and Loan Programs

Skyrocketing energy costs affect everyone. The cost of heating and cooling your home, however, hits us harder here in Winnipeg, where the temperature swings a lot further between extremes than most places in North America.

Many of our homes were built decades ago, when energy costs were less of a concern, and insulation standards were a lot more relaxed than they are today. This can translate to heating and cooling bills that are, quite frankly, burdensome for today’s Manitoba homeowners.

If you live in a detached, semi-detached, or modular home on a permanent foundation that was built before 1999, you may qualify for Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart Home Insulation Program. This program will rebate a portion of the cost of upgrading the insulation in your home. To find out how much you might receive, they’ve put a handy calculator on their webpage here.

In order to qualify, you need to register and get approval for your project. Then, when the work is complete, you send a receipt from the retailer or contractor who installed your insulation (within 30 days) and you will receive your rebate.

In Winnipeg, Above All Insulation is a one-call solution for all of your home insulation needs and we will help walk you through the Manitoba Hydro rebate process. Our technicians are trained and certified in many different kind of insulation installation, and we’re happy to help you devise the solution that’s right for your home and family. If you are interested in a rebate from Manitoba Hydro, call us for a free estimate and advice on maximizing your insulation investment.