Save Big on Your Heating Bill with Spray Foam Insulation

Everyone wants to save money when it comes to their home, but often that can mean investing a lot of money to begin with. Fortunately, spray foam insulation helps you save money on your energy bill while ensuring a more comfortable home, at the same time.

In terms of the material’s R-value—its ability to resist heat loss—spray foam insulation is one of the best applications to choose. This means that when winter comes to Winnipeg, your home will retain more of its heat, leaving you more comfortable and without an unnecessarily large electricity bill. Of course, in the summer, the insulation will keep your home cool without having to put the air conditioning on full blast.

You might be surprised to learn that 40% of heat loss can actually be attributed to air movement. However, that still leaves 60% of it that occurs because of moisture related factors. The warmer the air, the more it can hang on to moisture. Spray foam insulation works by forming a barrier that restricts moisture movement. In doing so, heat loss is reduced, as well.

Being inorganic, spray foam insulation can work with moisture without becoming a mold liability. It also won’t lose its R-value, because moisture doesn’t compromise it through absorption. With its own vapour barrier, this insulation won’t have an adverse effect on your air quality, either.

It’s important to make sure you use a qualified insulation installer, however. While spray foam is amazing, it can only work as well as it’s applied. Any holes in the insulation or other missteps and you’ll come to find your electricity bills haven’t improved much.

You can trust Above All Insulation with this job, though. We’ll send out an insulation installer to your Winnipeg home who will make sure the job is done right the first time.