Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Insulation

Insulation replacement is the kind of project we don’t like to spend money on. There’s no visible improvement to your living space. Unfortunately, the time will come when the warning signs can’t be ignored any further, and you have to bite the bullet and upgrade your home’s insulation. Here are the top 5 signs that the time has finally come:

1) Increased Energy Costs
The price of household energy has been steadily climbing for decades. Combine that with the inevitable decrease in effectiveness of your home’s insulation, and the amount of energy wasted by an inefficient home can be considerable.

2) Uneven Temperatures in Your Home
If you are suddenly finding a room that used to be warm cold, chances are that some of your insulation has become compromised. Blown-in insulation can be moved around or compressed by wind, and insulation in the wall may have shifted. To confirm the problem, consider infra-red imaging of your home to spot problems with heat loss.

3) Age
Materials lose their insulative properties over time. If your household insulation has become brittle or crumbles when you touch it, it’s time to replace it.

4) Moisture
If your insulation has become wet, it will lose its ability to contain heat and cold. It can also harbour mould, which makes it a hazard to the occupants of your home. If you’ve had a roof leak or a basement flood, you must replace any affected insulation.

5) Pests
If your attic has become home to a nest of squirrels, or mice have made their homes in your walls, your home’s insulation will be disturbed and also filled with waste. Replace it for insulative and hygienic reasons.

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