When is the Best Time to Apply Polyurethane Spray Foam?

Scheduling the various contractors for a new home or remodeling construction project can be a hectic experience. Just about everyone requires a lead-time to be on the job when needed and most contractors like having the construction site to themselves when doing their phase of work. Getting a particular task out of sequence can lead to confusion and may even cause important details to be overlooked.

So when is the best time to have your polyurethane spray foam insulation crew show up? Well, it can vary, but for most projects the ideal time is when the mechanical trades have finished and the framers have taken one last run through the structure. An ideal schedule might be something like this:

  1. Framing – all interior and exterior framing is completed and the contractor’s work has been checked for accuracy and proper framing methods. Windows and doors should be in place.
  2. HVAC rough – the HVAC contractor installs all supply and return ductwork throughout the living areas, attic, and basement or crawl space.
  3. Plumbing rough – all supply and drain piping is put in place and showers and tubs are installed.
  4. Electrical rough – the electrical contractor should run all wiring and install all light, outlet, and switch boxes throughout the rooms.
  5. Low-voltage wiring – any wiring for alarm systems, intercoms, audio speakers, or video systems should be installed.
  6. Framing check – the framing contractor should double-check to ensure that the mechanical trades haven’t disturbed or damaged any framing members or removed any blocking for cabinets, hardware, or handrails.
  7. Spray foam insulation – your new home or remodeling project should now be ready for polyurethane spray foam insulation to be applied.
  8. Drywall – after appropriate inspections, your project is now ready to be closed in.

One of the keys to achieving the maximum benefits that spray foam can provide is that it shouldn’t be disturbed once in place – apply it when all mechanical and framing are complete.