Why Rooftop Snow Removal Will Save Your Roof

When most of us imagine snow removal, we think about grabbing the shovel for an hour or so and heading for the driveway. However, the snow on your roof needs just as much attention. In fact, it could easily cost you a lot more money if you ignore it.

Snow on your roof can easily block your vents or cause what are known as ice dams. This is when the ice blocks melting snow and forces it below your shingles and into your home. There it can do anything from causing stains to destroying walls.

Ice dams also cause icicles quite often. While they may look pretty, the weight from these icicles can very easily damage or even destroy your eaves troughs. If they gain enough mass, they can even rip them right off your roof.

Although snow can seem light and fluffy, we all know how much it weighs by the shovel-full. Now imagine all that weight continuously accumulating on the roof of your home over the course of the winter. When it begins to melt and then freeze, this really becomes a problem. Often, you won’t even notice how much damage excess snow has caused until spring, when it’s disappeared and left a bowed roof behind. Of course, some people find out in a far more dramatic fashion when the roof actually gives way. Even if one winter doesn’t prove to be enough, snow can take its toll over the years.

However, the snow removal your roof needs is far different than the type appropriate for your driveway. It takes a skilled professional who understands both how to remove the snow in a manner that won’t threaten your roof or home and who knows how to look for other underlying problems. We’ve all slipped shovelling our driveways, too. Don’t run the risk of doing the same while you’re a story or more off the ground.

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