Different Home Styles Need Different Insulation

Some people like to live on one floor, while others like to go upstairs to sleep. At one home, you may gather in a basement rec room, while at another you assemble around the kitchen table.

As you can see, people choose all kinds of different features when they build or remodel their homes, and these differences demand different insulation priorities to ensure that whatever their lifestyle, they can live it comfortably.

If you have an uninhabited attic, blown-in cellulose in conjunction with a perfect polyurethane spray foam vapour barrier may be the best way to keep the cold air outside and the warm, often humid air inside where it belongs. If you’ve put two bedrooms up there, you’ll need a different solution – perhaps polyurethane spray foam insulation between the ceiling and the underside of the roof boards is required in that tight space.

If you have a finished basement, a combination of polyurethane spray foam and dense-packed cellulose or batting might be the answer. If you have a crawlspace under the first floor of your home, there are a few clever ways to heat and/or insulate it using various materials including polyurethane spray foam.

In short, no two homes are alike and spray foam is surprisingly versatile. If you’re considering a renovation or a retrofit, you need to do a lot of research about insulation, or you need to find an installer who you can trust to make recommendations that fit your home.

In Winnipeg, Above All Insulation is that company. Whether you’re just looking to shave some dollars off of your heating bill, or converting your empty attic into three new bedrooms, we have the expertise required to make recommendations, and carry out the installation of a solution that will fit the unique requirements of your home and lifestyle.

At Above All Insulation, we have expertise in installation of all kinds of insulation. Our technicians are trained to help you. Call us for a free consultation on your home construction, renovation or insulation retrofit project.