Insulate Your Home and Help Save the Environment

Talk of climate change is everywhere. Scientists around the world have been telling us for years that the fossil fuels we’re burning are harmful to the environment, and the level of concern has become so great that there are large scale projects going on that will help to reduce our impact on the planet.

Manitoba’s homes are powered by hydroelectricity, and the less of it we use up, the more it can be exported to displace the burning of fossil fuels in other areas or reduce the number of new dams that need to be built. A large portion of the energy we waste in our homes is the unwanted escape of thermal energy, through doors, windows, and even the ceiling and walls of our home.

There will always be some loss of hot or cool air, but anything we can do to mitigate this loss will translate into less consumption of the fuel we use to heat our homes, and therefore less emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere or flooded ecosystems from new hydro dams. Adding or upgrading the insulation in the attic, wall cavities, and foundation of your home will increase its thermal efficiency, reduce heating and cooling costs, and give the atmosphere a break.

Whether you are using wood, natural gas, or electricity to heat your home, addition of more insulation (of the right kind, and in the right place – that’s where the experts at Above All Insulation come in) is the single easiest and most cost effective thing you can do to reduce the size of your home’s carbon footprint.

Save money and the planet! At Above All Insulation, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the insulation business. Talk to us about your insulation needs today.