Insulating Your Shed and Other Outbuildings

We humans are comfortable in a certain temperature range, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our homes can keep us that way.

Many of us, however, spend a lot of time in our sheds and outbuildings, and we’d like the same level of comfort in those spaces, too.

Insulation is the answer. Even in an unheated outbuilding like a garden shed, insulation can help regulate the temperature against extreme hot and cold, by making the heating up or cooling off period longer, stabilizing the temperature inside.

In a heated outbuilding, like a dog house or workshop, insulation will help you keep the space warm for a lot less money. A thermal barrier against the heat escaping will maximize your heating dollar. You’ll burn less fuel to keep the space warm, which is also good for the environment.

Insulation for outbuildings comes in many forms – polyurethane spray foam being the current leading edge, with fiberglass and rock wool bats being popular choices, too. If you’ve got an existing shed, adding insulation now can save you money, help protect the contents from temperature extremes, and make it more comfortable for the inhabitants. If you’re constructing a new outbuilding, save time, money, and hassle by installing insulation when you build.

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