This Summer, Save on Energy Costs and Keep Cool

Here in the prairies, we have a truly Canadian climate. Our winters are freezing cold, and our summers blistering hot. It’s hard on our homes, and hard on our wallets. In Winnipeg, it’s common to use the heat and the AC in the same week. The result is some of the highest home energy costs in Canada.

The good news is that the problem of too much heat and too much cold have the same solution. Improving your home’s performance by adding insulation will make it more comfortable to live in, and mitigate the high cost of heating it in winter and cooling it in summer. A good insulation contractor can save you lots of money, and save the environment a good deal of energy in the process. It’s a win for everybody.

Above All Insulation has been providing our experience to thousands of customers over the last ten years. We offer insulation for basements and attics, including new and popular spray foam products, which can greatly improve the insulative performance (R-Value) of existing construction. The closed-cell product that we use is made of renewable components (including corn oil, castor oil, sugar, and post-consumer recycled material). It’s easily applied to attics, crawlspaces, and into walls. Once cured, it will reduce thermal transfer, and is impervious to water and air leakage. It won’t settle, sag, crack, shrink, or deteriorate.

In combination with traditional insulation (fiberglass and rock wool batts), spray foam can greatly improve your home’s efficiency. The result is a home that’s more comfortable to live in, more economical to heat and cool, and is worth more on the resale market. As an added bonus, there are government incentive programs like the Power Smart Home Insulation Program from Manitoba Hydro that can help with the cost.

Summer’s coming! Contact Above All Insulation about your insulation needs today.